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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is practically indispensable for driving customers to  sites.

Although people often say that they prefer to look first at the natural results of their search requests, the evidence suggests otherwise.

The most obvious evidence is that most commercially important key words and phrases pull in lots more revenue per click than they did initially. When Google started AdWords, many commercially valuable key words and phrases could be had for the minimum bid, a nickel. Today, 30 cents per click is not unusual for good key words and highly competitive key words can be three times that and more. People and companies bid up key words because text ads work. They are a highly cost-effective way to reach customers who are primed to buy.

But, search engine text advertising isn't a short term or one-time project. It's a trial and error process of discovering:

  •  the most effective key words and phrases to reach your intended audience

  •  how to bid for less expensive, but still highly productive, key words.

  •  testing various sales messages to find those most effective in getting customers to click.

  •  adjusting sales messages for holiday and/or seasonal promotions.

  •  calculating which of the many ad networks: Google AdWords, Overture, YahooAds,, etc. yields the best bang for your advertising dollars.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising programs, like Google's AdSense program, and similar programs by Yahoo! and other search providers, enable web businesses to advertise economically directly to their target audiences by placing small text ads that appear on search engine sites, and their advertising networks of independent sites.

Advertisers are paying for advantageous, prominent positioning of their brief text ads at the top of information return pages requested by searchers. They bid for these placements by bidding for the associated key words and key phrases and agree to pay the web site a confirmed "cost per click" each time a web searcher clicks on their ad. The prices for all key words and phrases are set by an internal market competition for the search terms among all the potential advertisers. Sounds great, right?

Well, it isn't quite that simple. Everyone seems to remember the part of this story where all these clicks cost "a nickel a click." Well, unless you can use really marginal, i.e., rarely searched, key words, they all cost much more per click these days.

You can budget how many clicks you purchase each day, so you don't blow a small  budget too quickly, but you do pay, in advance, for each time someone clicks your ad, whether you make a sale, or get a newsletter subscriber, or not. These click costs can add up quickly.

The selection of the key words and phrases to purchase is not for the faint-hearted either. You have to ask yourself "what key words would my Internet user (who is that person? General public? Average web user? Geek?) be most likely to use to try to find my product or service." This isn't always obvious.

For example: any wine sales web site will want to purchase clicks for "wine," "wine sales," "wine store." Will some searchers looking for wine search for "liquor" or "liquor store" or "package store" instead? What percentage of searchers who search using liquor key words actually intend to buy wine? You have to experiment over time to determine whether the key words you purchase result in sales, and how many paid clicks, at what price per click, will you have to buy to know that answer?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs

PIA can run your Pay-Per-Click advertising program for you. We'll analyze your competitive situation vis-a-vis other bidders for the obvious key words in your category. Sometimes, if the bidding for specific obviously desirable key words is intense, you may be better served by bidding for several less popular, but still productive, key words that cost much less per click.

Using up to date information and our search engine experience we'll craft the optimal advertising program for your situation. 

Ready to get started? Order services here. Or call Dick Jones to discuss our services, or email DickJones AT

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