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FrontPage 2003:
When You're Serious About Your Web Site.

Why Standardize on FrontPage 2003?                      Created and managed with Microsoft FrontPage

Spring 2008 Update:

Although it's the Spring of 2008 and Microsoft has discontinued development and support of FrontPage, we don't believe they really want to stop selling it. It is currently the world's most popular authoring tool, with a great feature set.

FrontPage has a large active base of user/developers who still believe that it is an "industry standard" for web development, and will remain so for years to come.

FrontPage is the world's most popular WYSIWYG web site authoring and site management tool.  

This easy-to-use, award-winning software makes it possible to be a web publisher or web merchant without in-depth knowledge of HTML tagging, numerous programming languages, or computer graphics.  At the same time, it is a powerful site management tool used by large organizations like AT&T and the United States Air Force to administer major web presences.  

FrontPage-based sites are easily transportable between hosting vendors and server environments.  

Should you need or desire to change web developer, hosting provider, or operating system, a web developed using the FrontPage Server Extensions will transfer to the new hosting platform virtually without a hitch.  If minor options changes are needed, they are quickly and economically accomplished.  

Contrast this situation with most hand-tagged, custom programmed web sites. 

With custom programming comes custom problems.  A move from one provider or serving platform to another may require a major re-programming job.  If your programmer disappears, you may have a major support problem.  

This won't happen to you if you standardize on FrontPage!

Microsoft provides comprehensive information and access to support communities online.



There are a number of non-Microsoft- sponsored communities of support available online as well.

PIA sponsors The FrontPage User Group on Yahoo.



Check out our FrontPage Starter Site Offer.

Microsoft's FrontPage site at www.microsoft.com/frontpage has the full story on FrontPage's many features.

This web site was created and is managed using FrontPage. The site's minimalist look is a variation on one of the 60+ themes that are included with the software.

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Web Technical Tour

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